Universally “Cycling”plays a noble role, contributes incredibly to all sectors of the economy and undisputedly recognized as a Sustainable mode of transportation. Apart from five intrinsic benefits of Cycling (freedom from energy, pollution, congestion and noise and it also provides direct health fitness benefits). This apart, in India, Cycling immensely serves millions of underprivileged classes in earning livelihood and facilitating education – which is a silent pedal driven parallel economy, remained seldom noticed.

However, due to lack of information access vis-a -vis desired awareness, Cycling globally undergone/undergoing three eras – Dominant -Struggle – Resurging. There is dire need to empower/educate all sections of the society including policy, decision and opinion makers with Cycling promotion related information including best global practices. Ultimate aim is to create a Sustainable society by promoting Sustainable mode of transport- Cycling.

Towards this noble aim, a modest beginning is made by AICMA to compile useful Bicycle information in line with the vision of saving the Mother Planet.

In this regard, AICMA wholeheartedly acknowledges and thankful to all the sources (Authors, Sponsors,Promoters, etc.) related to Bicycle information referred in the compilation of this website in the form of links and other standard material.

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