Shri K.K Paul, Vice  President of AICMA

Kalyan Kumar Paul is the President of TI Cycles of India, a unit of Tube Investments of India Ltd effective November 16, 2018. He is a Bachelor of Science with Honors from Presidency College, Kolkata and holds an MBA in Sales & Marketing from Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management, Kolkata. He has over three decades of experience in managing Domestic and International Operations, Sales and Marketing across diverse industries. Mr. Paul started his career as a Professional Service Representative and worked in various roles with companies like Standard Pharmaceuticals, Kolkata;Shaw Wallace and company, Mumbai ;  TI Cycles of India, Chennai ; Ceat Limited, Mumbai ;  and JK Tyres Limited, Delhi. He joined Tube Products of India in 2009 as Senior Vice President – Strategy & New Projects and took over the Sales and Marketing function as Senior Vice President – Sales & Marketing in 2010. He was the President of Tube Products of India till November 15, 2018. He was unanimously elected as Vice President of w.e.f 7th March 2020 for the tenure of two years.